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Sun Protection in Arizona

Arizona is known for its intensely sunny weather and high amounts of UV radiation. In April in central and southern parts of the state, the UV Index reaches levels higher than those found in the northernmost parts of the U.S. at any time of the year. This is why using sun protection in Arizona is […]

Sunscreen + Skin Check = Self-Care 2.0

Some of us learned about skin cancer the hard way — by getting skin cancer ourselves or by seeing a loved one struggle. For many of us, sunscreen was something we thought about…never…even after experiencing multiple sunburns. Also, indoor tanning was a thing and self-care meant coating ourselves in mineral oil and letting the sun […]

UV Light and Skin Cancer 101

When we think about light, we typically think about the type of light we can see — visible light. But there is more to light than that. The light spectrum also includes microwaves, radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays, infrared light (heat), and ultraviolet light. Each type of light has a specific wavelength range. When it […]

How Much Sunscreen is Enough?

Most people who use sunscreen don’t apply enough to get the protection claimed on the label. So how much sunscreen do we need? It’s a good idea to apply the amount of sunscreen used to determine the product’s SPF value (SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50, etc.) on the SPF Test — a standardized test […]