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Arizona’s proximity to the equator and high elevation contributes to our relatively high UV Index range. We also have warmer temperatures than most states and an outdoorsy culture, which primes us for sunburns, especially children. Children’s skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to sun damage than adults, and their bodies have not yet developed strong defenses against the harmful effects of the sun. Sunburned skin suffers DNA damage to its cells, which can lead to mutations and eventually cancer. A child who endures multiple blistering or peeling sunburns faces a significantly increased risk of developing skin cancer as an adult. Therefore, it’s crucial to teach our children effective sun safety habits to help them avoid painful sunburns and reduce their risk of skin cancer later in life.

Parents play an important role in teaching their children sun safety strategies:

Sunburn prevention is essential for children growing up in sunny Arizona! By teaching children sun safety habits early, we can help reduce their risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Let’s work together to create a sun-safe future for our little ones.