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A question we hear a lot is, “I’ve heard there isn’t much difference between the protection provided by an SPF 15 sunscreen and an SPF 100 sunscreen. Is this true?”

This question is important, because sunscreen is an important tool in skin cancer prevention, and we need all the protection we can get here in sunny Arizona.

So, what is the deal with the protection levels of various SPF numbers, and do they matter? Is SPF 30 twice as protective as SPF 15? Should we always reach for the highest SPF available, or is the extra protection negligible?

We could write a long post about this, and we may at some point, but for now we refer you to a YouTube video by Lab Muffin (Michelle Wong, PhD in Chemistry), who is a fantastic source of science-based beauty and skincare information. In her video, “Is High SPF Sunscreen Better?“, she unpacks the science behind SPF in an easy-to-understand, comprehensive manner. This video dives into the nitty-gritty of SPF values, explaining what they signify and how to use this knowledge to protect our skin effectively.

Spoiler alert – there is a difference between the protection conferred by higher SPF sunscreens!

The video can be found here. We strongly encourage everyone to take a few minutes to watch it.

Misinformation about sunscreen is pervasive and be harmful. When it comes to protecting our skin from the harsh Arizona sun, understanding the science behind sunscreen is critical. Our hope is that, armed with the insights from Lab Muffin’s video, you’ll feel more confident in your sunscreen choices and well-equipped to keep your skin safe under the sun.

Stay sun safe, Arizona!