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Many of us have been sunburned.

Sunburn is bad.

To be honest, there isn’t much new to say about why bad sunburn is for our skin, so let’s review what we already know.

To prevent sunburn, we must avoid all tanning bed use and overexposure to the sun. To prevent overexposure to the sun, we can use one or a combination of sun protection methods. The type and number of methods we use should be based on our individual skin cancer risk factors and the intensity of the sun where we are and the time of day we are exposed.

Sun protection methods:

Remember that we can still burn when the sky is cloudy. In some parts of Arizona, clouds are more of a fairy tale than fact. We see them so rarely, we forget how they work. As a reminder, clouds only block some UV rays (which don’t feel hot), but they can block a lot of heat. When the temperature dips, we might spend more time outdoors enjoying the day, forgetting that the heat-less UV radiation is still present.

In short, cover up. Prevent sunburn. Reduce your risk of skin cancer. And while you’re at it, hydrate. Maybe call your mom.