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If you find yourself among the lucky few who don’t turn into lobsters after an encounter with the sun, well done. And no, we are not green with envy, it’s just bad lighting. And know that even those who don’t burn in the sun need to get regular skin checks with a dermatologist.

While it’s true that individuals with darker skin are less likely to burn in the skin and develop skin cancer, it doesn’t mean they’re immune. When skin cancer develops on those with darker complexions, it’s often more likely to go undetected.

Regardless of skin tone, we must be diligent about sun protection and getting regular skin checks. It can be as simple as applying sunscreen in the morning as part of your normal morning routine and inspecting your skin on a routine basis to identify any changes to moles, pigment or texture.

So whether you’re as pale as a sheet of A4 copy paper or blessed with a natural tan, commit to using sun protection and getting regular skin checks. Don’t let your lack of sunburns lull you into a false sense of security. Keep an eye on your skin, and if you notice anything amiss, consult a dermatologist.