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Human Behavior & the Sun

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Most of us are not biologically suited to survive a summer in central or southern Arizona without major technological assistance. We adapt to the heat by turning our thermostats to “winter,” and we manage our lack of surface water by damming and diverting water from the north, pumping groundwater, and drinking bottled water from Fiji. […]

How to Prevent Sunburn and Why We Care

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Many of us have been sunburned. Sunburn is bad. To be honest, there isn’t much new to say about why bad sunburn is for our skin, so let’s review what we already know. Sunburned skin is damaged skin. Multiple blistering sunburns increase the risk of developing melanoma. Melanoma is responsible for most skin cancer deaths. […]

Decoding SPF Numbers: is Bigger Better?

A question we hear a lot is, “I’ve heard there isn’t much difference between the protection provided by an SPF 15 sunscreen and an SPF 100 sunscreen. Is this true?” This question is important, because sunscreen is an important tool in skin cancer prevention, and we need all the protection we can get here in […]

Why a Dermatologist Should Perform Your Annual Skin Cancer Screening

Each year, over 2.2 million Americans receive a skin cancer diagnosis. In fact, more people develop skin cancer than any other type of cancer. The good news that unlike many other diseases, skin cancer is highly preventable. And it is highly treatable if detected early! Lifestyle impacts our skin health, as does access to medical […]

The Science Behind Sunscreen: A guide to applying an effective amount of protection

Have you ever wondered how much sunscreen you really need to protect your skin from the sun? Today, we’re going to dive into the science behind sunscreen and explore how we protect our skin from UV rays. The magic number: 2 mg/cm² The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends applying approximately 2 milligrams of […]

Protecting Your Child’s Skin from Sunburn in Arizona

Arizona’s proximity to the equator and high elevation contributes to our relatively high UV Index range. We also have warmer temperatures than most states and an outdoorsy culture, which primes us for sunburns, especially children. Children’s skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to sun damage than adults, and their bodies have not yet developed strong […]

How to Perform a Skin Check at Home

You may have heard that it’s important to monitor or check your skin at home to help detect skin cancer early, but…how? We once had the same question! A skin check is somewhat intuitive, after all we look at ourselves every day. But when it comes to monitoring our skin for signs of skin cancer, […]

The ABCDEs of Moles & Melanoma

We know we need to monitor our skin at home to watch for suspicious changes, but what exactly should we be looking for? Enter the ABCDEs of melanoma: asymmetry, border, color, diameter, and evolving. These are warning signs of atypical moles or melanoma, and they can help guide to better monitor our skin at home. […]

Skin Checks for Those Who Don’t Burn

If you find yourself among the lucky few who don’t turn into lobsters after an encounter with the sun, well done. And no, we are not green with envy, it’s just bad lighting. And know that even those who don’t burn in the sun need to get regular skin checks with a dermatologist. While it’s […]